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  • About Startex International

Startex International is supplier of premium grade textile dyeing and finishing auxiliaries and quality dyestuff. Established in November 2002 with idea to penetrate into textile market with innovative and technically sound understanding of dyeing and finishing behaviors of textile products.Startex International is known as supplier of the premium dyes and chemicals in local market with a full range of products and comprehensive consulting services for all stages of wet processing i.e. pretreatment, dyeing and printing.

Startex International has a highly motivated and dedicated team of individuals having expertise and vast experience in field of textile chemicals & dyes marketing, logistics and utilization of textile auxiliaries and dyestuff. This also is fully supported by our expert team of individuals from technical and after-sales support staff who are capable of providing solution to all of our customers’ needs. Our products are customized and formulated by keeping in mind the best performance at affordable cost for our valued customer.

Startex International has a strong business network country wide which includes sales offices and warehouses in Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad. Running our operations from Lahore, we are able to serve the customers with prompt products and lab services in the region.